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NPTCI governance is provided by three principal components

  • The Board of Directors,
  • The Academic Council,
  • The Management.

The Board of Directors is the supervisory and decision body. It  received permanent delegation of the Conference of Deans and Directors of the Conference of Educational Institutions of Research  in Economics and Management  in Africa (CIEREA), to ensure the proper execution of the tasks of NPTCI. The implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors is made  by the programme management team.

The Academic Council proposes the structure and content of the curricula, defines the admission criteria and ensures the recruitment of lecturing staff,  the external examiners and academic consultants, validates  test results of the Common Compus for Specialized Courses, defines the academic requirements for certification of a faculties, and provides grants and awards scholarships to students of NPTCI.

The Management of NPTCI consists of a flexible and light structure composed of executives and non executives who support the current management. The NPTCI  is led by a Director, reinforced by a Programme Coordinator and an Administration and Finance Coordinator.


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