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The fact of a crisis in higher education and economic research has led the Fifth Conference of CIEREA (1991) to consider three types of solutions for the recovery and development of education and research systems . First, it was to harmonize and strengthen undergraduate and graduate programs , and second, it was necessary to create and develop centers of excellence for the graduate level, and thirdly, to promote research and strengthen existing scientific journals. Development of teaching in the graduate level was to promote the training of trainers, provide economic sectors and social areas with high level, efficient and competitive executives, develop and raise the level of research. The creation of an interuniversity DEA/Master Programme was used as a harmonized basis in achieving these objectives.

In this global perspective, the design and implementation of the Inter-University Postgraduate Program (PTCI) in Economics for Francophone Africa  in Southern Sahara. PTCI was adopted at the Sixth Conference of the CIEREA held in Cotonou (Benin) on 21 and 22 May 1992. The main task of PTCI was the implementation of the Harmonized Interuniversity DEA /Master Programme under the supervision of CIEREA.


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