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The purpose of the New Interuniversity Postgraduate Program (NPTCI) is to help improve the design of economic policies and decision making in Africa. The sought final impact is the improvement of economic performance of African countries. This goal is consistent with the lessons learned during the implementation of NPTCI, the challenges facing African countries in the Francophone space  by brought by the changes in the internal and external environment of these countries and especially the adaptation of the LMD to NPTCI. The NPTCI proposes to achieve its goal by achieving the following objectives.

  • Train high-level economists likely to respond to the needs for research, higher education and expertise of the African countries in the French-speaking space.
  • Train Ph. D holders of international standard to meet the demand for strengthening the teaching staff of the faculties of Economics and Management in the 18 member universities of CIEREA.
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of faculties of economics and management in the CIEREA member countries.




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